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Guide the penguin to the exit without falling in the water.


Unsolved levels

Choose one of the levels below to start playing.

We have tried to order them according to difficulty but you are welcome to play any level you like.


Solved levels



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If you get a message "Your browser does not support WebGL" then you will have to upgrade your browser to play.
WebGL is not supported by Internet Explorer, but it should be supported by

If the game is running too slowly you can increase the framerate by:

Raspberry Pi

You can also play this game on a Raspberry Pi running the Raspian "wheezy" operating system.


Launch a terminal and type This requires the Raspberry Pi to be connected to the internet.
The C source code and game assets are available on the Penguins Puzzle github page.


Launch a terminal and type penguinspuzzle to start the game.

Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting

Make sure that you have a good power supply attached to the Raspberry Pi (and not too much overclocking) or you may find that the Pi crashes as soon as the game starts. For example, when I use a mobile phone charger to power my Pi I find my network and USB devices go down meaning that I am unable to move the penguin even though the 3d graphics are still working.

If you get the error messages:

it probably means you are using the wrong memory split. This game needs at least 64MB of GPU memory so will only work with memory split 128/128 or 192/64. You can change the memory split from a terminal by typing:

If you get the error message:

It may mean that your libraries are not up to date. You may be able to fix this from a terminal by typing:


Penguins Puzzle is charityware.

Please consider donating to a charity that will make the world a better place for all creatures (humans included).

One option is our JustGiving Penguins Puzzle page to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund.

Penguin hero Credits

Level design and testing by David and Anna.
Programming by Peter.
Sound effects by Jenny.


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If there is enough interest, we'll upload some more levels...
Levels last updated September 2012.


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